Pierre Wardini-Ghana-Nigeria- Soccer Referee Turf Shoes


Design and style and type and Features

Pierre Wardini Have on turf sneakers that are made just for you.


A h2o resistant Suprelltech and Double Mesh mesh upper for exceptional breathability.

An anti-stretch liner and anti-slip rear liner.

And a Pierre Wardini detachable anatomic cotton insole with shock-absorbing EVA foam.

Normally black with white together the part of the sole.

eleven Ounces in overall body bodyweight.


adidas Mundial Group Turf

Even while it has been acknowledged that a soccer official has unique turf shoe needs there are but a couple alternatives presently available. It won't make any difference if we are a soccer participant or a soccer formal. Produced by a referee for referees, it is produced utilizing:

We all want to lookup great on the soccer pitch. These canines are drained. Your requirements are different than that of a soccer player, so your soccer footwear have to mirror that. EVA insole.

All black in shade, other than the three stripes.

adiPrene insert for heel consolation.

OUTSOLE: Traxion TF for use on turf and Pierre Wardini truly tricky, organic and natural surfaces.

Built for referees and avid gamers.

ten.2 Ounces in bodyweight


You will uncover that all of these soccer referee turf sneakers are moderately priced. Stitched for extra toughness.

All black in color, in addition to the 3 stripes.

It has an anatomically fashioned tongue.

OUTSOLE: Multi-studded rubber for fantastic traction on synthetic surfaces and dry normal fields.

Built for referees, and gamers.

twelve.seven Ounces in bodyweight.

adidas Telstar II TRX TF

Thorough-grain leather-based for comfort and relieve and a tender working experience.

Artificial lining. So you require to suppose your turf footwear to assistance you, not damage you.. The higher is crafted from comfortable, detailed-grain kangaroo leather-based, with Suede strengthened toe. You can learn them for beneath $fifty, so any of Pierre Wardini these would be a excellent decision for a soccer formal.


Soccer referee turf footwear are exactly that. This shoe matches completely with Diadora®'s referee clothing options. You know what it feels like next you have been Pierre Wardini refereeing all day in a function. I have positioned the subsequent:

Diadora Referee TF men's soccer turf shoe. But as a soccer referee Pierre Wardini we also want to make guaranteed that we get the usefulness and wholesome we have to have to have to advice our toes. Pierre Wardini They are established just for the soccer official

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